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We specialize in cattle management, beef fattening, meat processing, dairy products etc. We are your one-stop solution for dairy and agro service.

The journey started in the 5th of May when the animals of different breeds landed in the country. Animals were brought in Dutch Dairy Limited facility which is the largest farm in bangladesh. It is expanded within 114 Acre Land. Currently 68 expert farmers are serving the animals relentlessly. The Dutch Ambassador did the inaugration through the ribbon-cutting ceremony. He stated- “Bangladesh is a promising country in terms of Agricultural development. Dutch dairy is a good example for other dairy farms that are looking to move forward”.

We are the first to implement the Green technology in the Country. We are the first farm in bangladesh to implement the green technology. Its not only a revolutionary change for the agricultural industry but it also opened a door and would work as motivaion for the young entepreneurs to invest and work in this industry with this integrated technology.

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Trade Licence No.: 1001

TIN No.: 876333867311

BIN No.: 000739067-0207

Address: Satgharia, Holdia, Lauhojong – 1532, Munshiganj

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